Frequently Asked Questions
Why Bipiker?
BigPiker is the fastest growing Cashback website. We are here to help you in saving money on online shopping.
How many stores are available for Cashback?
Right now we have more than 50 stores on board. We will contiue to add more stores so that you can avail the maximum benefits while shopping online.
How much cashback can i earn?
You can earn Cashback on every purchase made through us. There is no limit on your earnings. The more you shop, the more you will earn. It is possible to save around 20%, approximately on your monthly spending.
How long does it take for Support Team to reply?
We try to respond to support queries as soon as possible (usually within a few hours) but it may take upto 48 working hours to respond to your support query.
How long does it takes to approve Cashback?
It genrelly takes 60-90 days to approve the cashback. But time can change depending on the stores. We try to approve cashback as soon as we get payments from the retailers.
How can I withdraw the cashback?
Right now you can withdraw cashback via 3 options. NEFT, Paytm & Gift Vouchers(Flipkart and Amazon)
How can I withdraw the cashback?
We reserve the right to cancel or reject your cashback. Cashback can be rejected in following cases.
  • If you cancel the order.
  • If you return the order.
  • Cashback can also be cancelled if you will use coupon or promo code from somewhere else.
  • If you choose to pay via Store Points or Credits.
  • If we don't receive the payments from the merchant/ store owners.